Quality Policy

Rekabetin arttığı küçülen dünya pazarında firma olarak hedefimiz, kesintisiz müşteri memnuniyetidir.

The world of increased competition from smaller firms Our goal in the world market of increased competition as the company, is continuous customer satisfaction.

Principles to achieve this goal;

Making reliable, timely, in single time faultless and quality production in the line with customer demands,

Increase productivity by keeping forefront continuous improvement with a risk-focused approach to prevention of production mistakes and associated accidents and damages.

Providing continuous improvement with employees satisfaciton, awareness and education,

Improving stability, management and employee participation about ensuring customer satisfaction and in the field of protection,

Picking and choosing our suppliers, our partners as to evaluate whether to do work in this direction.

SAZCILAR Co. Inc. FAMILY on “Quality is the life styles of each individual”. The path to this “is investment in human development”. Each individual in the company must work with a team spirit as shared responsibilities.

In light of this application, our goal is to increase domestic and foreign market share in the sector.